Title: 14 Min. Lampiao
Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2012

Este vídeo é uma gravação feita por Benjamin Abrahão com o Lampião em carne e osso. Vídeo histórico (sem áudio) com 4 minutos de cenas inéditas desse que, sem dúvidas, foi um dos mais polêmicos personagens que o Brasil já teve. Este vídeo faz parte da obra "Iconografia do Cangaço", da editora Terceiro Nome, com organização do Ricardo Albuquerque.


Title: Bio Plas / 2008 - Arizona, Usa - Collaboration work by
Eliane Paulino -
Christina Scheer -

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Faceless Populace

Short Video: Faceless - London /  2003

Duration:03:30 min.

This minimal video show how people faceless walk with or out goal around like in a dream, or worry about the next step or task. They sound like bee and a big confusion, with out individuality. Why humans walk with a stream in a matrix and let people determinate your daily life.


short video perfomance about the aspect to observe your surroundings,  using the ocular capacity of the eyes to see it. The borderline short movie show the perceptive of two eyes of two individuals that try face to face share the same view of the environment that they are in.


Short Video: keepwalking - Los angeles  /  2003

Duration:04:30 min.

This minimal video show the walk in sense. You have no goal no reason for a walk. The beautiful aspect of this video is the sound of insects, the light shapes and the beautiful legs. Somethimes the human being do not realize that the possibility to walk is a great tool to go and to come. Beacause of this possibility we can arcieved many task, get healt and have the freedow to leave and to arrive.


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